Ingobernable – My Spanish Word Of The Day 12/12/2017

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My Spanish word of the day is ingobernable (ungovernable, rebellious) because I have just become hooked on this Netflix original series starring Kate del CastilloIngobernable is a political thriller in which the fictional president of Mexico dies during a violent confrontation with his wife.  The first lady is on the run.  Although I am only up to episode 3 thus far, it seems clear to me that her rebellious flight is about much more than saving her own skin.

I love the story of first lady Emilia Urquiza fleeing from government officials, but I am also enchanted by 2 other aspects of the show.  As someone who loves fashion, the first thing that I am struck by are the suits that Eréndira Ibarra wears as she portrays Ana Vargas-West, Chief of Staff of the Presidents Office.  These power suits chosen by costumer Carolina De La Torre have an edge to them.  Fashionista that I am, I look forward to seeing what Ms. Ibarra is wearing in each episode.  The second feature of the show that I really love is the haunting theme song.  Me Verás is performed by the Mexican-American musical group La Santa Cecilia.  Once you hear it, it’s really hard to get it out of your head!

If you happen to watch Ingobernable on Netflix, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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El Remanso – My Spanish Word Of The Day 12/5/2017


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My Spanish word of the day is:

el remanso

haven, oasis (place)

pool, backwater (body of water)

Example Sentences

El monasterio es un remanso de paz.  (The monastery is a peaceful haven.) (The monastery is an oasis of peace.)

Sacaron las cañas y se pusieron a pescar en el remanso del río.  (They took out their fishing poles and started fishing in the pool of the river.)

¡Que tengáis un buen día!

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La Sirga – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/29/2017


My Spanish word of the day is:

la sirga

towrope, towline, rope

Here is the definition of la sirga from  Una sirga es “un cabo grueso que sirve para tirar las redes, para arrastrar embarcaciones desde la tierra, en especial en la navigación fluvial, y para otras labores”.  ( A towrope is a thick rope or cable used to throw fishing nets, pull watercraft away from dry land, especially in river navigation, and for other tasks.)

I learned my Spanish word of the day by watching the 2012 film La Sirga, which is available at Amazon Prime.  This is the story of a young woman who escapes a war in Colombia to live with estranged relatives.  She is not welcomed with open arms.  The stunning photography and slowly paced storytelling allow the viewer to experience the sadness, the frustrations, and the many other emotions that the characters are feeling.  Below is the trailer from the Toronto International Film Festival.

¡Esto es todo por hoy!  ¡Feliz día!


Impermeabilizante – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/15/2017


My Spanish word of the day is:


waterproofing process; waterproofing product

I discovered my word of the day at Fluent U while reading Tricks To Tackle The Top 10 Hardest Spanish Words To Pronounce.  Impermeabilizante is #1!  The number of syllables and the vowel diphthong make it tough to pronounce.

If you would like a challenging reading practice, the PAQSA Blog has a post about how to choose a waterproofing product: El mejor impermeabilizante – cómo elegirlo.

If you’re in the mood for a video, you can get some listening practice with a video from The Home Depot México about how to apply impermeabilizante to a roof called Cómo impermeabilizar.

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Pichi – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/7/2017

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My Spanish word of the day is:


jumper or pinafore dress

Example Sentence

Un pichi es una prenda de vestir femenina semejante a un vestido sin manchas, con sisas escotadas y sin cuello, que se pone encima de una blusa o suéter; es parte de numerosos uniformes de colegios.  ( A jumper or pinafore is a feminine garment similar to a sleeveless, collarless dress with low-cut armholes; it is part of numerous primary school uniforms.)

¡Feliz martes!

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Nocivo – My Spanish Word Of The Day 10/15/2017


I just finished reading a post at La Ortografía Infinita and found a new word to add to my Spanish vocabulary.  The title of the post is 15 palabras del español que escriben mal hasta los más inteligentes.  It lists the 15 words that even the smartest people spell incorrectly and offers a quiz so that you can test your own spelling.  A new Spanish word that I learned from the test is nocivo.

Nocivo means harmful, injurious, damaging.  Here is an example sentence: El tabaco es nocivo por el alquitrán y la nicotina que contiene.  (Tobacco is harmful due to the tar and nicotine that it contains.)

You can take the test to see if you can spell the 15 Spanish words that many people often misspell at La Ortografía Infinita.

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¿Cuál es tu personaje favorito de Juego de Trono?


Today, I learned the Spanish names of some of the characters on Game of Thrones.  I discovered this on Instagram at Spanish With Vicente.  The Spanish With Vicente Instagram Account is a nice place to learn Spanish!

¡Feliz lunes!


Buscarle Tres Pies Al Gato


¡Buenos días!

My Spanish phrase of the day is:

buscarle tres pies al gato

to complicate matters, to make things difficult, to split hairs, to nitpick

Of course, literally, this phrase means to look for three feet on a cat.  But what one really intends to express with this idiomatic expression (modismo) is: to complicate things or to look for trouble.  It is easy to locate a four legged cat, but three legged cats are more difficult to come by!  To use some English idioms as a definition for this expression you could say: make a mountain out of a molehill or to go over something with a fine tooth comb.

No hay que buscarle tres pies al gato. (No need to go looking for trouble.)

¡Que tengáis un buen día!

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Altanero – My Spanish Word Of The Day 9/27/2017

Me lanzó una mirada altanera y se volteó sin hacerme caso.

¿Qué tal? ¡Buenos días!

My Spanish word of the day is:


haughty, arrogant

Example Sentences

Me lanzó una mirada altanera y se volteó sin hacerme caso. (She gave me an arrogant look and turned away, ignoring me.)

No suporto al nuevo jefe: es altanero e irrespetuoso.  (I can’t stand the new boss: he is arrogant and disrespectful.)

De joven Paco era un poco altanero, pero luego aprendió la importancia de ser humilde.  (Paco was very arrogant has a young man, but later he learned the importance of humility.)

Desde lo que ascendieron, Marta se volvió muy altanera y no saluda a nadie.  (Ever since she received her promotion, Marta has become very haughty and doesn’t say hello to anyone anymore.)

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