Combustibles Fósiles – My Spanish Word of the Day 8/11/2015

Combustibles fósiles (fossil fuels) is my Spanish Word of the day.

President Obama has recently launched The Clean Power Plan which will attempt to limit the amount of carbon pollution dumped into the atmosphere by electric power plants.  I read about this in Spanish at an interesting environmental website called  The objective of the plan is to reduce power plant emissions to below 32% of the 2005 levels by the year 2030.  This is a significant step to help curb climate change.

In reading the article, I came across some vocabulary words that are new to me.

combustibles fósiles – fossil fuel

prospecciones – exploratory drilling

perforar – to drill

Below is the vocabulary in context.  It is the opinion of Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace in the U.S.  She thinks that if the Obama Administration is serious about doing what is necessary to make our planet livable for future generations, then it should be working on eliminating the exploratory drilling and mining of fossil fuels.  She also thinks that plans by Shell Oil to drill in the Arctic should be rejected.

“Si la Administración de Obama quiere de verdad dejar un legado climático positivo y un planeta habitable para nuestros hijos, debería abandonar las prospecciones y la minería de combustibles fósiles en terrenos públicos, así´ como rechazar los peligrosos planes de Shell para perforar el Ártico”, ha declarado la directora ejecutiva de Greenpeace EE.UU., Annie Leonard.

The  Spanish article is short and best suited for intermediate and advanced Spanish students.  The first part of the article gives a description of the plan, and the second part is dedicated to Annie Leonard’s response.

Although I wish it were possible to stop power companies from arctic drilling and the mining fossil fuels, I am happy that El Plan de Energía Limpia (The Clean Power Plan) has come about and I hope that it will be successful.

Image Credit: “EKO symbol RGB” by Riksanteri – Own work. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –

One thought on “Combustibles Fósiles – My Spanish Word of the Day 8/11/2015

  1. I, too, am in favor of the Clean Power Plan. I lived in NYC in the 1980’s and remember how foul and smoggy the air was. The Clean Air Act made a big impact on the environment and our health. It is unfortunate the Plan is getting negative views from outspoken politicians with short memories.
    I wonder if they would cheer it on if President Bush had proposed it?
    I look forward to the day when combustibles fosiles are no longer used.


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