El Huerto – My Spanish Word of the Day 9/17/2015

Michelle Obama created el huerto de la Casa Blanca (the white House vegetable garden) in 2009. It is supervised by internationally renown Spanish chef José Andrés.   This week, King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain have been visiting the United States.  Queen Letizia spent her 43rd birthday (September 15) as a guest of  the Obamas at the White House.  During the visit, the First Lady showed el huerto ecológico to the Queen.  Both women have a passionate interest in nutrition and healthy eating.

Michelle Obama and Queen Letizia of Spain visit the White House vegetable garden (el huerto de La Casa Blanca).

Andrés is an incredibly successful immigrant from Spain.  The Asturias-born chef became a United States citizen in 2013.  He co-owns the ThinkFoodGroup restaurant empire, which encompasses restaurants, food trucks, cook books, and television shows.  Interestingly, he just backed out of a deal to open a flagship restaurant in the forthcoming Trump International hotel in Washington due to Donald Trump’s recent derrogatory statements about immigrants.  

Jose Andres Puerta 2012 Shankbone.JPG
José Andrés se encarga personalmente del huerto de La Casa Blanca.

In 2012, Andrés was named one of the 100 most influential people by Time Magazine.

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