Optar – My Spanish Word of the Day 10/1/2015

La Reina Sofía, former queen of Spain, is a possible nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. Queen Sofía and King Juan Carlos abdicated in 2014 in favor of their son and his wife, current King Felipe and Queen Letizia.

A university in the United States has put forward, as a possible candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, the name of the former Queen of Spain, La Reina Sofía.  The university considers her tireless work on behalf of Alzheimer’s Disease worthy of consideration for this honor.

The headline in El Mundo La Otra Crónica about the queen being considered as a possible nominee reads: La Reina Sofía reaperece tras conocerse que podría optar a Nobel de la Paz.  (Queen Sofía reappears in public after learning that she might be considered as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize).  Former Queen Sofía had spent the summer out of the public eye, but in late September, she resumed her public duties.

Optar is an interesting verb.  It’s meaning changes depending on whether or not it is followed by a preposition and depending on which preposition follows the verb.

optar a – to compete for

poder optar a – to have the right to apply for or go in for; to be entitled to

optar por algo – to choose something

optar por hacer algo – to choose to do something

optar entre – to choose between, to decide, to opt for

optar – to choose, to opt, to select

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