La Loza – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/7/2015

La loza means crockery or dishes.

La loza means crockery or dishes.  I discovered this word in a novel that I am reading entitled El Tiempo Entre Costuras (The Time Between) by María Dueñas.  Sira, a seamstress living in Morocco while the Spanish Civil War is raging in her home country, has just moved into a building that she will use as her sewing workshop as well as her home.  She is remembering her first night alone in that strange place and describes all of the sounds that she heard in the early evening.

En las horas aún tempranas oí las últimas trasiegos domésticos de las viviendas próximas: algún niño llorando, una radio puesta, la madre y el hijo de la puerta de enfrente discutiendo a voces, el sonido de la loza y el agua al salir del grifo mientras alguien terminaba de fregar los últimos platos de una cena tardía.

(In the early hours, I heard the final household activities of the nearby apartments: a child crying, a radio playing, the mother and son in the apartment across from me arguing loudly, the sound of dishes and water running from the tap while someone finished washing the last plates from a late supper.)

The above is my own attempt at an English translation.

La loza is my Spanish word of the day.  I hope that I have introduced you to a new word that you can add to your Spanish vocabulary as well!

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