Rebeca – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/29/2015

La rebeca is one of the words used in Spanish to signify cardigan.

¡Hola Spanish Language Lovers!

Did you know that rebeca is one of the words that you can use for the English word cardigan ?  The origin of the use of rebeca instead of cárdigan or chaqueta is the 1940 film Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock.  The main female character wore a cardigan throughout most of the film.  The term rebeca became popular and was actually added to the Spanish dictionary in 1984.

As you may already know, I absolutely love this film.  I have read the novel twice in English, and I also read the novel in Spanish for the first time this summer.

I found out about the use of rebeca from my  favorite Spanish learning blog – El Blog Para Aprender Español.  On November 25, El Interesante Origen De Palabras En Español was published.  Along with the word rebeca, you can read about the origin of these words at this post: bigote, chicle, café, and grifo.  Click Here to go to this interesting blog post.

¡Hasta Pronto!




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