Brecha – My Spanish Word Of The Day 12/4/2015

¡Hola Spanish Language Lovers!

Today I am writing about the noun brecha and the verbal phrase hacerse una brecha.

Brecha means gash, wound or cut.  Let’s say that you wanted to say in Spanish:  The little girl fell in the playground and got a gash (or a cut) on her chin.  The sentence would go like this: La niña se cayó en le recreo y se hizo una brecha en la barbilla.

The verbal phrase used to say to get a gash, wound cut is hacerse una brecha.

Brecha also has the following meanings: hole, opening, breach, gap, rift, breakthrough.

Here are some idioms with brecha.

estar en brecha – to be in the thick of things

hacer brecha en alguien – to make an impression on someone

seguir en la brecha – to keep at it

Tribe, Tree, Apple, Stock, Gap, Food, Fruit, Apple Tree
La brecha del árbol tiene manzanas.

¡Hasta Pronto!

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