Using Parecer As A Noun

When parecer is used as a noun, it means opinion.

¡Hola Spanish Language Lovers!

Today I read Manuela Aparicio’s wonderful post at Lenguaje Y Otras Luces entitled Expresar la opinión.  The post gives many examples of phrases that are used when giving one’s opinion.  While reading the post, I noticed a sentence where parecer is used as a noun.

Previously, I had been familiar with parecer and parecerse as verbs.  As a verb, parecer means to seem, to appear, or to look like, and parecerse means to be alike, to look alike, to appear alike.   But, today I found out that when used as a noun, parecer means opinion, decision, ideas, judgement.

Here is the sentence from Lenguaje Y Otras Luces that uses parecer in the noun form.

“Expresar la opinión es una de las múltiples posibilidades que oferece el lenguage.  Para manifestar nuestro parecer, mostrar acuerdo o desacuerdo acerca de cualquier tema es importante seguir algunas formas…” 

This post has great visual descriptions of the different forms one uses to express opinion.

If you are interested, please go to Lenguaje Y Otras Luces and read this wonderful post.

I just love finding new ways to use words (like parecer)!

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Salir – My Spanish Verb Of The Day 1/29/2016

File:Madrid - Iglesia de Santa Bárbara (ex Convento de las Salesas Reales) 03.jpg
La Iglesia de Santa Bárbara está en el Barrio de la Salesas donde salen las grandes tendencias del momento.

¡Hola Spanish Language Lovers!

Until today my knowledge about the use of the verb salir has been limited to meaning to leave a place, to go out on a date, and to go out and have fun.  But that has changed.  I just read an article about the Barrio de las Salesas at where I encountered the use of salir in a different way.

Salir can be used to say where something originates from.  Here is how it is used in the article about Barrio de Las Salesas.

“Te presentamos el Barrio de las Salesas en Madrid, un lugar en la capital que es donde salen las grandes tendencias del momento, un lugar lleno de moda, de juventud, de nuevas tendencias donde podrás observar lo que se cuece para los próximos meses.”

So, in a nutshell, we can say Barrio de las Salesas is a fashionable, hipster neighborhood in Madrid where new trends originate (salen).

Here are a few other uses of salir that are new to me from Word Reference.

  1. to play or act the part of – John Hurt salió de Calígula en un miniserie británica muy famosa.  (John Hurt played Caligula in a famous British miniseries.)
  2. to rise or come up – El sol sale por el Este y se pone por el Oeste.  (The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.)
  3.  to come up or to sprout – ¿Has visto cuantas flores han salido en el jardín?  (Have you seen how many flowers have sprouted in the garden?)
  4. to look like – La niña ha salido de su madre, son como dos gotas de agua. (The little girl looks like her mother, they are like two peas in a pod.)
  5. to escape from a bad situation – El campeón de box salió de la pobreza gracias a sus puños.  (The boxing champ escaped poverty thanks to his fists.)

There are many, many other uses of salir, which you can find at Word Reference.

I so enjoyed learning more about the verb salir, and I hope you did too!

¡Hasta Pronto!


Empaparse – My Spanish Word Of The Day – 1/27/2016

holidays, car, travel

¡Hola Spanish Language Lovers!

Empaparse is my Spanish word of the day.  It means to immerse oneself completely in something.  I discovered this word at one of my favorite blogs – Tras La Pista de Paula, which is written by Spanish actress Paula Echevarría.  She wrote about how much she loves to travel in her January 25, 2016 post.  She explains what delights her about travel: “¡Empaparse de culturas differentes, de la historia de un país y su gente, de recibir la energía de esa gente que te encuentras por el camino! ¡Es maravilloso!”  (Immersing oneself in different cultures, in the history of a country and its people, receiving the energy of the people that you meet along the way!  It’s marvelous!)  I share her feelings about travel.  It is truly marvelous.

Writing this post reminds me of the famous Mark Twain quote about travel.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people sorely need it on these accounts.  Broad, wholesome, charitable views on men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all of one’s lifetime.”


Mark Twain

I love travel!

¡Hasta Pronto!

La Polémica – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/26/2016

Francisco Rivera

Spanish bullfighter Francisco Rivera has started una polémica (controvesry) over the fact that he published a photo on Twitter of himself toreando una becerra (fighting a bull calf) while holding his 5 month old daughter in his arms.

One of his many responses to la polémica was to post, on Instagram, a photo of himself as a small boy being held by his own father while his father is fighting a bull.  Rivera comes from a family of 4 generations of bullfighters.

Of course,  internautas (Internet users) who consider this behavior outrageous have responded.  One such response asks Rivera how he can sleep at night, not only because of the photo that he posted where he may be putting his daughter in danger, but because of the animals that are tortured in a bullfight.

On the other hand, numerous bullfighters have defended Rivera by posting photos on Twitter.  Some are pictures of themselves as children in the bullring while their fathers are bullfighting.  Others are pictures of themselves bullfighting while their children are present in the bullring.

Bullfighting itself is una polémica in Spain.  Some are appalled by the practice, while others consider it an important part of their cultural heritage.


El Pico – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/25/2016

Siete Picos01.JPG

The above photo is of the southern side of Los Siete Picos.  By Miguel303xm (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

El pico –  the mountain peak, is my Spanish word of the day.  I was inspired to make it so by Ben at Being Happiness and his latest post – The Magic Valley.  He recently visited a beautiful place in the mountains near Madrid called Los Siete Picos.  They are near a small town called Cercedilla.  Click here to go to Ben’s post at Being Happiness.

This is a drawing from Ben’s Blog, Being Happiness.  It is near a biodynamic farm called finca Ecológica Río Padrillo.

Aprendiendo las preposiciones y adverbios de lugar con la ayuda de ratones

Source: Aprendiendo las preposiciones y adverbios de lugar con la ayuda de ratones

This lovely illustration of Spanish Adverbs of Place comes from a blog post from Hispanic Horizons.  Gizelle Pereira, a student at the Hispanic Horizons School, created this drawing in order to memorize these adverbs.  It is so cute!

Caminar En Zigzag

Ben at Being Happiness has written a post about zigzag walking in Madrid.

Caminar en zigzag = zigzag walking

Click Here to read Ben’s post entitled Zigzag Walking in Madrid.  Ben says that caminar en zigzag “is a pleasing way to explore, with some surprising results”.  It sounds like fun to me!