Un Chapuzas – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/7/2016

¡Hola Spanish Language Lovers!

My Spanish word of the day is un chapuzas which means a botcher, or someone who botches things up.  If you are a female botcher, then you would be una chapuzas.

I discovered this word while watching a video from Ben and Marina at Notes In Spanish.  It is entitled Learn Spanish…Table Manners!  Ben and Marina discuss the differences between Spanish and British table manners.

Toward the end of the video, Ben talks about how he always tends to forget something every time he sets the table.  He says of himself, “Soy un chapuzas”.  He means that he sets the table in a half-way or shoddy manner.

Un/una chapuzas also has a more positive meaning.  It can also mean a handyman or a do-it-yourself type person.  This type of chapuzas may actually do good work.  It does not necessarily mean a bad handyman.

Ben and Marina have a Spanish Language Learning Website called Notes In Spanish which provides podcast audio conversations with accompanying notes and worksheets.  The first half of each audio lesson is in Spanish, and then an analysis of the conversation is presented in English.  Notes In Spanish also provides some videos.  Here is the video about Table Manners.

¡Hasta Pronto!

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