La Polémica – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/26/2016

Francisco Rivera

Spanish bullfighter Francisco Rivera has started una polémica (controvesry) over the fact that he published a photo on Twitter of himself toreando una becerra (fighting a bull calf) while holding his 5 month old daughter in his arms.

One of his many responses to la polémica was to post, on Instagram, a photo of himself as a small boy being held by his own father while his father is fighting a bull.  Rivera comes from a family of 4 generations of bullfighters.

Of course,  internautas (Internet users) who consider this behavior outrageous have responded.  One such response asks Rivera how he can sleep at night, not only because of the photo that he posted where he may be putting his daughter in danger, but because of the animals that are tortured in a bullfight.

On the other hand, numerous bullfighters have defended Rivera by posting photos on Twitter.  Some are pictures of themselves as children in the bullring while their fathers are bullfighting.  Others are pictures of themselves bullfighting while their children are present in the bullring.

Bullfighting itself is una polémica in Spain.  Some are appalled by the practice, while others consider it an important part of their cultural heritage.


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