Tirar La Casa Por La Ventana

Nuestros padres querían tirar la casa por la ventana para la fiesta de boda.

Today, I learned a Spanish expression at Web Spanish.  It is  tirar la casa por la ventana.  It means to spend a large amount of money on a party, or a celebration, such as a wedding.  To illustrate this Spanish idiom, Web Spanish presents a short dialog of a couple who are about to be married.  They want a simple wedding, but the parents of the future bride want to throw a lavish wedding.  They are willing to spend a lot of money – they want to tirar la casa por la ventana.

This expression dates back to 1763 when King Carlos III of Spain sponsored a state lottery.  The person who might win the lottery would have enough money to completely redecorate their home.  They could throw all of their old furniture out of the window and buy everything brand new.

You can listen to this dialog and read about the history of this expression at the Web Spanish Blog.

Image Credit: How Much Does A Wedding Cost? by thebusbank  https://i.ytimg.com/vi/XQBRHJ7aGbM/maxresdefault.jpg

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