Corte – My Spanish Word Of The Day 3/29/2016

Esta novela es de corte romántico-humorístico.


Corte is my Spanish word of the day.

You may already know el corte, the masculine noun form, which means cut, or incision, or a wound on the body, such as a paper cut.

Me hice un corte con el papel.  (I gave myself a paper cut.)

You may also already know la corte, the feminine noun form, which means court, such as a royal court.

El rey llegó acompañado de toda su corte.  (The king arrived with his entire court.)

But, did you know that el corte can also mean style?

The way that I discovered that corte can be used to express style is through a book review of a novel that I am thinking about reading.  It is called, Tierra, trágame, y escúpeme en el Caribe by Ivanka Taylor.  The review comes from a literary blog called, El templo de la lectura written by Lunilla.  The end of the blog post about this novel has a short synopsis which begins with the sentence:

“En resumen, Tierra, trágame, y escúpeme en el Caribe es una novela de corte romántico-humorístico donde con una naración fluida, sencilla y directa nos cuenta de la loca aventura de unas chicas normales a las que no les dejarán de pasar cosas.” 

I am still trying to make up my mind whether or not to buy this book because it will be a challenge for me to read it in Spanish.  But, the book sounds so charming that I think that I will not be able to resist.

Getting back to the word corte, there are numerous different meanings and uses for this noun.  You can find a list at SpanishDict.

¡Hasta Luego!

Image Credit: Casa de Libro


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