Onírico – My Spanish Word Of The Day 4/15/2015

Buenas Días!

Today I read a short article at Transparent Language about the self portraits of famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.  This is where I encountered the adjective onírico.  I looked up this word in the dictionary and found that the English equivalent of onírico/onírica is oneiric.  This is an English word that I have been completely unfamiliar with.  It turns out that onírico/oneiric means dreamlike.

Here is the use of onírico in context from the Transparent Language article, Art in Spanish: Frida Kahlo, Mexican Painter:

Sus autoretratos van más allá de realismo, aunque ella no quería que se los describiera como surrealistas.  Entran en los elementos fantásticos, surrealistas, oníricos (de los sueños), todos los cuales nos invitan a interpretar su visión de sí misma. 

(Her self-portraits go beyond realism, although she refused to call them surrealist.  In them we find fantastic, surreal, dreamlike elements, all of which invite us to interpret her vision of herself.)

I am so pleased that today I was able to learn something that has expanded both my Spanish and English vocabulary.

¡Hasta Luego!

Image Credit: http://blogs.psychcentral.com/creative-mind/files/2013/10/Frida-Kahlo-painting.jpg

Abrir La Boca – My Spanish Word Of The Day 4/1/2016

¡Buenas Días!

Today I encountered the phrase abrir la boca.  You may simply think of this as meaning to open your mouth. But, did you know that abrir la boca can also mean to talk about?

I read a short article about the Seville Fair at Practica Español.  Here is the title: 13 Palabras Para Abrir La Boca En La Feria De Sevilla.   I was a little confused about the meaning of this title, but thanks to gengo at Word Reference, I now understand it to mean: 13 Words For Talking About The Seville Fair.  The article is simply a list of vocabulary words related to the fair.

La Feria De Sevilla will take place between April 12 and April 17 this year.  Large tent like pavillions called casetas will be set up in the Los Remedios neighborhood of Seville, where people will party, party, party.  There will be music, and party goers will dance the sevlliana.  There will be food and drink, including pescaito frito and a jug of rebujito, which is dry sherry mixed with lemonade.  There is also an amusement park on a street called Calle Infierno.  And people will be dressed in trajes de flamenca or Flamenco suits and dresses.

Here are 13 words for talking about (para abrir la boca en) the Seville Fair from Practica Españolalbero – limestone yellowish sand;  caseta – fair stand, tent;  englalanada – decorated;  farolillos – lanterns;  feria – fair;  fuegos artificiales – fireworks;  lunes de alumbrao – lightening Monday;  pescaito frito – fried little fish;  portada – main gate; rebujito – typical drink of manzanilla and lemonade;  recinto ferial – fairgrounds;  toreros – bullfighters;  traje de flamenca -Flamenco outfit

¡Hasta Luego!

Image ICredit: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/83/Feria_de_la_Manzanilla,_Sanl%C3%BAcar_de_Barrameda,_mayo_2009.JPG