Concertar – My Spanish Word Of The Day 5/9/2016

¡Hola a Todos!

Concertar means to set up or arrange.  Concertar una cita is to set up or to arrange an appointment or date.

Concertamos la cita para el lunes temprano.  (We set up the appointment for early next Monday.)

Concertar can also mean to agree on a price, or to reach an agreement.

El vendedor y yo concertamos un precio que a ambos nos pareciá justo.  (The seller and I agreed on a price that both of us found fair.)

The pronomial form of the verb, concertarse, can be used negatively to express collusion or conspiracy.

El abogado demostró habilmente que los dos delincuentes se concertaron para matar a su cómplice.  (The lawyer skillfully demonstrated that the two criminals conspired to kill their accomplice.)

Getting back to positive uses of the verb, concertar also means to harmonize, as well as to tune or tune up an instrument.

El director del coro concertó la melodía.  (The choirmaster harmonized the melody.)

Antes de tocar, los pianistas concertaron sus instrumentos.  (Before playing, the pianists tuned their insturments.)

This week, Web Spanish has published a video that teaches expressions that can be used to set up an appointment or to make a date – concertar una cita.

¡Hasta Luego Amigos!

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