La Garganta – My Spanish Word Of The Day 5/14/2016


I learned a new use for the word garganta today.

Previously, I had only known the this word as being used to describe anatomy – throat and neck.  Here are some examples:

Si te duele la garganta, debes tomar té con miel.  (If your throat hurts, you should drink tea with honey.)

Hace frío.  Cúbrete la garganta con una bufanda. (It’s cold.  Cover your neck with a scarf.)

But, today, I learned that la garganta  can also be used to describe geography – gorge, ravine, canyon, and mountain pass.  See these examples:

Ese camino pasa por una garganta. (That road passes through a gorge.)

La garganta era más profunda de lo que recordaba. (The ravine was much deeper than I remembered.)

La garganta atraviesa el sistema montañoso. (The pass goes through the mountain range)

I learned this new use of la garganta by reading a blog post at Diario del viajero.  María Victoria Rodriguez wrote about her tour of the Gargantas de Kakueta, or the Kakueta Gorges, which are in the Pyrenees Mountains of southern France and close to the small community of Sainte-Engrâce.  Photos of Las Gargantas de Kakuetta are stunning.

Las Gargantas de Kakueta
Las Gargantas de Kakueta

There is also a suspension bridge in the area, near another small community called Larrau.  It is called: Puente Colgante de Holzarté.

Puente Colgante de Holzarté


I am so happy to have learned a new way to use la garganta, and to have discovered Las Gargantas de Kakueta and Puente Colgante de Holzarté.

¡Hasta Luego!

Image of Las Gargantas de Kakueta #1:

Image of Las Gargantas de Kakueta #2:

Image of Puente Colgante de Holzarté:

Video Credit:

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