¡Hola Amigos!

Dimebarcelona Spanish School has tweeted a Prezi presentation entitled El verbo Echar by Laura Múrtula.  The presentation gives 7 different uses of the verb echar.

  1. echar una cosa – to add in or to pour
  2. echar de menos a alguien/algo – to miss someone/something
  3. echarse a un lado – to move over
  4. echar una película/un programa – to show a film or TV show
  5. echarse – to lie down
  6. echar a alguien de un sitio – to oust
  7. echar a peder – to mess up

Each of the usages of echar is presented with an example.  I hope you find this Prezi helpful.  Click Here or view below.

¡Hasta Luego!

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