Cambiar Vs. Cambiar De


Today I was reading a short article about some of the changes to the traditional family structure in Spain.  When I read this sentence, I needed to investigate the difference between the use of cambiar and cambiar de: Es normal que la familia esté cambiando hoy en día en España de la misma manera que en otros lugares del mundo. 

I found what I was looking for at Language Zen.  Cambiar means to make changes to. Cambiar de means to change something as in to get something new.  Here are the examples given:  1. Quiero cambiar mi vida. (I want to make changes to my life.)  2. Quiero cambiar de carrera. (I want to change my career.  I want a new career.).

Word Reference offers some expressions using cambiar de.

cambiar de aireschange of scene

cambiar de canalchange the channel

cambiar de carrilchange lanes

cambiar de casacaswitch sides (opinion, political party, game)

cambiar de chaquetachange sides (political party)

cambiar de escuela/colegiochange school

cambiar de colorchange color

cambiar de formachange shape

cambiar de hábitoschange habits

cambiar de ideachange one’s mind

cambiar de parecerchange one’s mind, rethink, see in a new light, change of heart

cambiar de impresiónchange one’s mind

cambiar de temachange the subject

cambiar de trabajochange jobs

That’s all for today.  ¡Hasta luego!

Image Credit:

Bruno Emociones

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