Ante – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/7/2016

¡Buenos Días!

Ante is an interesting word. Until today, I only knew it as a preposition meaning before.  As a preposition, it also means in the face of and compared to.

Example Sentences

1.) El acusado se declaró no cupable ante el tribunal. (The accused pleaded not guilty before the court.)

2.) Tienes que crecerte ante la adversidad para tener éxito a largo plazo. (You have to grow stronger in the face of adversity in order to succeed in the long run.)

3.) Ante tu problema, el mío es una tontería. (Compared to your problem, mine seems silly.)

But ante is also a masculine noun with more than one meaning. El ante means both elk and moose.

Example Sentences

1.) Las astas de los antes pueden elevarse 1.2 metros por encima de sus cabezas. (Elk antlers can extend 1.2 meters above their heads.)

2.) Los antes son los cérvidos más grandes. (Moose are the largest members of the deer family.)

Rocky Mountain Bull Elk.jpg
el ante – elk
Moose superior.jpg
el ante – moose

And ante has yet another meaning, and that is suede.

Example Sentence

Hoy llevo falda de ante abotonada. (Today I am wearing a front-button suede skirt.)

el ante – suede

¡Hasta aquí por hoy!

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Suede Skirt: Beauty Walks ( photo –

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