¿Vaso de Agua o Vaso Con Agua?

¡Buenos Días!

I have just watched an interesting video by Professor Gabriel Paizy at the En Buen Español  YouTube Channel about the debate concerning whether it is correct to say vaso de agua or vaso con agua.  There are those that say that vaso con agua is correct because because vaso de agua indicates that the actual glass is made out of water.  But, Professor Paizy states that it is perfectly correct to use vaso de agua.  It depends on the context in which the prepositions are used.  He says that the preposition de has more than 20 different meanings.  Wow!

Examples of a Few of the Ways De Is Used to Mean Different Things In Different Contexts

  • Possession – vaso de mi prima
  • Function – vaso de adorno
  • Origin – vaso de Portugal
  • Contents of the Glass – Dame un vaso de leche.  Dame una taza de té.

It is correct to say ‘Dame un vaso de agua because you are using the preposition de to refer to what you want the glass to contain.

As a student who loves learning Spanish, I am so pleased to have run across Professor Paizy’s En Buen Español Youtube Channel.

¡Hasta Aquí Por Hoy!






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