Estar Como Un Fideo – My Spanish Idiom Of The Day 3/29/2017

¡Buenos Días!

My Spanish idiom of the day is:

estar como un fideo

to be very thin; skinny; to be thin as a rake

Example Sentence:

Creo que deberías dejar de la dieta.  Estas como un fideo.  (I think you should stop dieting.  You are as thin as a rake.)

In Spanish, un fideo is a noodle.  The expression estar como un fideo compares the thinness of of one’s body to the thinness of a noodle.

You can find a slide presentation about Spanish food idioms at Slideshare.  Created by Juliete Lima, it is called Expresiones idiomáticas con comida.  According to Juliete, estar como un fideo “se utiliza para decir que una persona es muy delgada”.

I learned my Spanish idiom of the day at the blog, Español Extranjeros Victoria Monera.  Ms. Monera’s March 26, 2017 post, Mix De Expresiones, presents to Spanish students like myself the challenge of finding the meaning to many idiomatic expressions.  This blog has been very helpful to me.

¡Hasta Luego!


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