Las Manoletinas – My Spanish Word Of The Day 4/20/2017


¡Buenos Días!

My Spanish word of the day is:

las manoletinas

flat-heeled shoes, ballet flats, flats

Las manoletinas are women’s low-heeled shoes.  These shoes are similar to the kind of shoes worn by bullfighters, especially those worn for Spanish bullfighter Manolete (1917-1947).

There is a Spanish blog dedicated to flat-heeled shoes called Taconless.  Definitions for different types of flat shoes are given in the blog post entitled, ¿Cuál es la diferencia entre bailarinas, manoletinas, merceditas y francesitas?  Sonia Fleury Martín writes: las manoletinas hacen referencia al torero Manolete que usaba unos zapatos planos abiertos en sus corridas.  Las manoletinas tienen una suela más dura que las bailarinas y son más comodas… (Manoletinas are shoes based on those worn by the bullfighter Manolete, who used flat, open shoes in the bullring.  Manoletinas have a harder, more durable sole than ballet flats and are more comfortable…)

Other flat shoes mentioned in the blog post are merceditas, (flat shoes with a strap), francesitas (flats with a bow on the toe) and of course bailarinas, (flexible flat shoes or ballet flats).  You can see photos of the different types of shoes by various designers at Taconless.

¡Hasta aquí por hoy!

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