Happy Earth Day!


April 22 is Earth Day and Woodward Spanish has provided some online Spanish readings, as well as a vocabulary list about caring for our planet.  In reviewing that list, I learned a new word.  My Spanish word of the day is:

la lombriz



Funny Earthworm Cartoon by palomaironique
Always remember that when when a noun ends in z, you must change the z to c before adding es.  The plural of la lombriz is las lombrices

Here is an example sentence:

¡Guau!  ¡Mira cuántas lombrices salieron de la tierra después de la lluvia!   (Wow!  Look at all of the earthworms that came out of the ground after the rain!)

¡Feliz Día de la Tierra!

Image Credit: Funny Earthworm Cartoon by palomarionique at Openclipart https://openclipart.org/detail/131059/funny-earthworm-cartoon

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