Prórroga – My Spanish Word Of The Day 4/24/2017


My Spanish word of the day is:

la prórroga

overtime (in sports)

Example Sentence

El partido terminó en empate lo que dio lugar a la prórroga.  (The game was tied so it went into overtime.)

La prórroga also means extension, postponement, deferral.

Example Sentences

Le dieron una prórroga para saldar la deuda.  (They gave him an extension so that he could settle the debt.)

Pedí una prórroga para entregar el trabajo porque no me daba tiempo.  (I asked for an extension to hand in the work because I didn’t have enough time.)

El juez rechazó una prórroga en la ejecución del detenido.  (The judge refused a deferral of the prisoner’s execution.)

Concedieron una prórroga al soldado hasta que se recuperara de la enfermedad.  (They granted the soldier a deferrment until he recovered from his illness.)

¡Feliz Lunes!

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