Chillar – My Spanish Word Of The Day – 5/12/2017

El maestro le chilla al estudiante.


My Spanish word of the day is:


 to shout, to yell, to shriek, to scream (persons)

 to screech, to squeal, to yelp, to squeak (animals)


3 Example Sentences

1. La maestra les chilló a los niños para que se callaran.  (The teacher shouted at the children, telling them that they must be quiet.)

2. Cuando chillas, no entiendo nada de lo que dices.  (When you are yelling, I don’t understand a word you are saying.)

3. Supe que había un ratón en la casa porque lo oí chillando.  (I knew there was a mouse in the house because I heard it squeaking.)


Chillar es levantar mucho la voz por costumbre o por enfado.  Chillar es dar chillidos una persona o algún animal, como  un ratón, una rata o un perro herido.

3 Sinónimos

  1. gritar – (to shout)
  2. desgañitarse – (to scream at the top of your lungs)
  3. vociferar – (to shout, to yell, to boast, to brag)

3 Antónimos

  1. callar – (to silence)
  2. hablar bajo – (to speak in a low voice)
  3. susurrar – (to mutter, to mumble)

¡Ojo! Chillar versus Chirriar and Rechinar

Chillar is used with persons and animals.  It can also be used to describe colors that clash as well as colors that are too intense.

2 Examples

1. El marrón y el rojo de la pared chillían. (The brown and red colors on the wall clash.)

2. Para mi gusto, ese color amarillo chilla demasiado.  (That yellow is too intense for      my liking.)

Chirriar and rechinar are used when you are talking about things .

Chirriar is used when talking about a door that squeaks of creeks, or when talking about brakes that screech or squeal.

2 Examples

1. En las películas de terror, las puertas chirrían al abrirse.  (In horror pictures, the doors squeak when they are opened.)

2. Tengo que llevar al auto al taller porque chirrían los frenos.  (I have to take the car to the shop because the brakes are squealing.)

Rechinar is used to talk about metals and motors that squeak, grind, or clank.  You can also use it to talk about people who grind their teeth.

2 Examples

1. El martillo rechinaba fuerte contra el yuque.  (The hammer clanked loudly against the anvil.)

2. A mi esposo le rechinan los dientes cuando duerme.  (My husband grinds his teeth in his sleep.)

¡Feliz Finde!

Image Credit: Clip Art Fest/miss lynn henderson from irving

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