Las Tantas – My Spanish Word Of The Day 6/26/2017


My Spanish word of the day is:

las tantas

very late at night, the early hours of the morning, the wee hours 

Example Sentences

Como es sábado, vamos a quedarnos en la discoteca hasta las tantas.  (Since it’s Saturday, let’s stay until the early morning hours at the discotheque.)

Llegamos de la boda a las tantas de la madrugada.  (We got back from the wedding in the wee hours of the morning.)

Fuimos a una fiesta y volvimos a las tantas.  (We went to a party and returned very late at night/ in the early hours of the morning.)

I have been exploring the Buscapalabras website with las tantas.  It is a word finder for Scrabble and similar word games.  So, here is more than you would ever want to know about the noun las tantas. ☺

There are 91 words that rhyme with tantas.  A few of them are llantas (tires, wheel rims), achantas (present indicative tú form of achantar – to intimidate, to humiliate, to frighten),  and entreplantas (mezzanines).

10 words have the many of same letters as tantas.  Ananás (pineapples) and santas (saints) are two of them.

5 names have the many of the same letters as tantas.  They are: Ana, Anna, Tana, Natán and Satán.

I couldn’ t find any synonyms or antonyms of las tantas at Bucapalabras.  But the noun el tanto (point, goal) does have some synonyms such as punto (sports point), cantidad (number), gol (sports goal).   By the way, it is very easy to confuse the nouns las tantas and el tanto with the these adjectives and adverbs: tanto, tanta, tantos, tantas.  The adjective form means so much and so many. The adverbial form means so long (time) and so much.

Well that is more than enough information about words related to las tantas!  I will end with a definition of my word of the day.  It is a feminine noun used in the plural form as a colloquial expression and according to Oxford Living Dictionaries it means una hora muy avanzada, especialmente de la noche.

¡Hasta luego!

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