Chispear – My Spanish Word Of The Day 8/10/2017

¡Buenos días!

My Spanish word of the day is:


to drizzle, to rain lightly (weather)

to spark or throw out sparks (electricity)

to sparkle (shine)

Example Sentences

No abras el paraguas, de momento sólo chispea.  (Don’t open the umbrella, it is only lightly raining.)

Los cables de tendido de alta tensión chispean.  (The high voltage wires are sparking/throwing out sparks.)

Ese enchufe chispea.  Ve a cortar la luz para examinarlo.  (This socket is sparking.  Go and turn off the electricity so we can check it.)

Sus ojos chispeaban con ilusión.  (Her eyes shone with hope.)

Las estrellas chispeaban en el firmamento de aquella despejada noche de verano.  (The stars sparkled in the sky on that clear summer night.)

Sólo chispeaba, así que me dejé el paraguas en casa.  (It was only drizzling, so I left my umbrella at home.)

No está lloviendo, chispea un poco.  (It’s not raining, just drizzling a little.)

I learned my Spanish word for today on Instagram.  I am following alwaysnachotime  where Nacho, from Nacho Time Spanish, posts short audio conversations which you can repeat out loud and memorize in order to internalize sentence structures that are new to you.  He calls these posts deliberate practice exercises.  They are created for people like myself who often understand everything that people say to us, but experience a brain freeze when attempting to continue the conversation.  He describes people like myself as being in “Intermediate Spanish Purgatory”.  I am so there!  People in this place consume (read and listen to) more Spanish than they produce (speak and write.) The repetition and internalization of sentences helps train your brain to accept expressions that you are not used to.  It activates different parts of you brain from those that are activated by reading and listening.  You can learn all about this at Nacho Time 

Here is a video that explains this deliberate practice brain training technique.

I am very grateful to Nacho for these deliberate practice exercises, and I am so happy to have learned my Spanish word of the day – chispear.

¡Hasta pronto!

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