What A Boring Film!

¡Hola a todos!

Today I watched a video made by Professor Juan Fernández at his Español Con Juan YouTube channel where I learned 4 different colloquial expressions that can be used to express the fact that something is just awfully dull or of little interest.  In Cómo sonar más natural en español, Juan talks about how important it is to learn colloquial and slang phrases in order to improve the fluidity and spontenaeity  of your conversations.  Juan gives an example of 2 people leaving a movie theater.  They speak about how boring the film was that they had just viewed.  You may already be familiar with the expression ¡Qué aburrido!.  But other ways to say how boring are: ¡Qué rollo!, ¡Qué paliza!, and ¡Qué muermo!  They all essentially mean What a drag! or What a bore!.

You can watch this video below!

¡Feliz lunes!

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