La Sirga – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/29/2017


My Spanish word of the day is:

la sirga

towrope, towline, rope

Here is the definition of la sirga from  Una sirga es “un cabo grueso que sirve para tirar las redes, para arrastrar embarcaciones desde la tierra, en especial en la navigación fluvial, y para otras labores”.  ( A towrope is a thick rope or cable used to throw fishing nets, pull watercraft away from dry land, especially in river navigation, and for other tasks.)

I learned my Spanish word of the day by watching the 2012 film La Sirga, which is available at Amazon Prime.  This is the story of a young woman who escapes a war in Colombia to live with estranged relatives.  She is not welcomed with open arms.  The stunning photography and slowly paced storytelling allow the viewer to experience the sadness, the frustrations, and the many other emotions that the characters are feeling.  Below is the trailer from the Toronto International Film Festival.

¡Esto es todo por hoy!  ¡Feliz día!


Impermeabilizante – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/15/2017


My Spanish word of the day is:


waterproofing process; waterproofing product

I discovered my word of the day at Fluent U while reading Tricks To Tackle The Top 10 Hardest Spanish Words To Pronounce.  Impermeabilizante is #1!  The number of syllables and the vowel diphthong make it tough to pronounce.

If you would like a challenging reading practice, the PAQSA Blog has a post about how to choose a waterproofing product: El mejor impermeabilizante – cómo elegirlo.

If you’re in the mood for a video, you can get some listening practice with a video from The Home Depot México about how to apply impermeabilizante to a roof called Cómo impermeabilizar.

¡Feliz miércoles!


Pichi – My Spanish Word Of The Day 11/7/2017

¡Buenos Días!

My Spanish word of the day is:


jumper or pinafore dress

Example Sentence

Un pichi es una prenda de vestir femenina semejante a un vestido sin manchas, con sisas escotadas y sin cuello, que se pone encima de una blusa o suéter; es parte de numerosos uniformes de colegios.  ( A jumper or pinafore is a feminine garment similar to a sleeveless, collarless dress with low-cut armholes; it is part of numerous primary school uniforms.)

¡Feliz martes!

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