Brontofobia – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/31/2018


My Spanish word of the day is:

la brontofobia

brontophobia or fear of thunder and lightning 

The Esfera blog posted an article on August 20, 2015 which lists 10 common phobias and fears experienced by adults.  It is titled Las Fobias Y Miedos Más Comunes En Personas AdultasLa brontofobia is number two on the list and is defined as miedo a los fenóminos atmosféricos adversos, particularmente a los truenos, rayos y tormentas, de todo tipo(Brontophobia is fear of adverse atmospheric phenomena, particularly thunder, lightning, and storms of all kinds.)

If you would like to read more about common fears and phobias, you can go to the Esfera Psicóloga Madrid website and blog.  They have many interesting articles about human psychology.

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Bidón – My Spanish Word Of The Day 01/30/2018

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My Spanish word of the day is:

el bidón

can, drum, barrel, canister, jerrycan, storage drum, storage cask

Example Sentence – Es peligroso llevar un bidón de gasolina en el baúl del coche.  (It’s dangerous to carry a can filled with gasoline in the trunk of the car.)

I learned el bidón, my Spanish word of the day, at one of my favorite blogs, which is La Página Del Español.  The January 14, 2018 blog post presents a fill in the blank practice exercise with weights and measures.  It’s a terrific vocabulary review!

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New Words Added To La RAE Digital

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The Spanish Royal Academy has just added 8 new words to its online dictionary.

  1. hacker – (hacker)
  2. amusia – (tone deafness)
  3. posverdad – (post-truth)
  4. aporofobia – (fear, dislike, or hate of poor people)
  5. chusmear – (to criticise, to mock, to gossip)
  6. británico – (a British sense of humor characterized by subtle irony and sarcasm)
  7. fair play – (fair play)
  8. buenismo – (a do-gooder)

I learned about the addition of these terms to the Diccionario de la lengua española while reading my favorite blog, El Blog Para Aprender Español.

Just wanted to share these new terms with you!

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Interactive Music Map

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The Pudding has created an interactive music map with audio where you can listen to 3,000 songs that were Number 1 on December 17, 2017.  In Spain (my favorite country!) there were 2 songs that made Number 1 that day: Èchame la Culpa by Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato, and Perfect by Ed Sheeran.  Go to to see the map and listen to the songs.

I have just discovered The Pudding.  It explores ideas in culture with visual essays.  How cool is that?  So, I just wanted to let you know about the music map.  Hope you are having a good day!

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Carámbano – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/13/2018

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My Spanish word of the day is:

el carámbano


Example Sentences

Cuando camines cerca de los edificios, ten cuidado con los carámbanos(When walking close to the buildings, be careful of the icicles.)

Los carámbanos tapaban la entrada.  (The icicles covered the entrance.)

El carámbano se derrite más rápido de lo que pensamos.  (The icicle is melting faster than we thought it could.)


An idiom (modismo) using carámbano is estar hecho un carámbano or quedarse hecho un carámbano.  (To be or to get frozen stiff.) 

Example Sentence

Si vas a salir, ponte dos abrigos porque hace mucho frío y puedes quedarte un carámbano.  (If you are going out, put on two coats because it’s so cold that you’ll get frozen stiff.)

Weather Vocabulary

PROFE Spanish is a YouTube channel designed to teach both children and all beginners Spanish vocabulary.  Here is the Weather Vocabulary Video, which is called El tiempo en español – Meterología y vocabulario climático.

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El Roscón – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/6/2018


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My Spanish word of the day is:

el roscón

ring-shaped cake eaten on January 6

On January 6th, many people in Spain and Latin America celebrate Three Kings Day or Epiphany with a Roscón de Reyes (Three Kings Cake).  This holiday is the 12th day of Christmas and celebrates the arrival of the 3 wise men in Bethlehem bearing gifts for the baby Jesus.  Children look forward to this special day because gifts are exchanged.  Afterwards, families enjoy a breakfast of Roscón de Reyes.  This delicious cake has a round shape symbolizing a king’s crown.  It is topped with fruit to represent the precious gems that adorned the clothing of the wise men.  A small plastic king as well as a plastic faba bean are hidden within the cake.  Whoever gets the slice of cake with the small king will receive a year’s worth of good luck.  But, the person that gets the slice with the faba bean has to pay for the roscón!

The Devour Madrid blog has a short article in English about this Christmas holiday celebration.

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Image Credit:      Flickr – Roscón de Reyes by atuperlu