Poner Morritos

¡Hola! My Spanish word of the day is:

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poner morritos/ponerse morritos

to make a kissy face, to make a duck face, to purse the lips, to pout, to sulk

I came across this expression while reading an article at HUFFPOST regarding an Instagram photo posted by Spanish television personality Nuria Roca.  The photo is from a time in her youth when she was enjoying a day of sun and swimming.  It is an authentic image of herself and a young man experiencing a happy moment.  There are no photo enhancements or filters.  It is a beautiful, touching image.  She writes in the comments section:

De cuando no había filtros, ni redes, ni stories, ni “haters”… De cuando no se ponían morritos y solo se sonreía… De cuando no se escribían textos porque la sola imagen hablaba… De cuando solo un disparo captaba el momento y seguías disfutando de el sin retoques… Y de cuando todo lo demás sobraba…  

Here is my own somewhat clumsy translation of the Instagram comment: (From a time when there were no filters, no Internet, no Instagram stories, no Instagram haters… When you didn’t make a kissy face and simply smiled… When you didn’t need to write in the comment section because the image spoke for itself… From when just one shot captured the moment and could be enjoyed just the way it was without touch ups… From when the photo just as it was taken was enough…) 

It is refreshing to see a bit of authenticity on Instagram.

¡Hasta la próxima!

Image Credit: https://www.publicdomainpictures.net/view-image.php?image=139324&picture=kissing


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