Cada Uno Sabe Dónde Le Aprieta Los Zapatos

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¡Buenos Días!

Cada uno sabe dónde le aprieta los zapatos.  If you try to understand this proverb literally, it would mean: Everyone knows where their shoes are tight, or where the shoes pinch.  Another literal translation is: He or she who wears the shoe knows where it hurts the most.  What the heck does all that mean?  Well, the correct  translation is: Everyone knows their own limitations, weaknesses, problems, needs.

Refranes En Celeberrima states that the meaning of this proverb is: Sólo uno mismo sabe qué lo que le conviene. (Only you know what is best for yourself.)  Pekelandia expands the definition a little: Sólo uno mismo sabe que le conviene y lo que no, y cuales son los puntos flacos. (Only you know your what your weak points are and what is and isn’t best for yourself.)

I found this proverb at a website that is new to me called Lawless Spanish, created by Laura K. Lawless.  I read an article called Top 12 Verbs and found that each verb is accompanied by links to lessons, expressions, and conjugations.  Cada uno sabe dónde le aprieta los zapatos is an expression linked to the verb saber.  I am so happy to have discovered this new place to help improve my Spanish.  I hope this expression is helpful to you in expanding your knowledge of Spanish.

That’s all for today!

¡Hasta pronto!

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