Hasta La In Narices


My Spanish phrase of the day is:

hasta las narices

to be fed up

Example Sentence

Estoy hasta las narices de tu desorden.  (I am fed up with your mess.)

Practica Español has a list of 78 Spanish expressions using body parts.  In addition to hasta las narices, you can find ir con pies de plomo (to tread carefully), traer de cabeza (to drive someone mad), no tener pelos en la lengua (not to mince words), sacar los ojos (to quarrel), tener el agua al cuello (to be up to one’s neck in it), and venir como anillo al dedo (to be just right).

If you would like to check out all 78 expressions, go to Practica Español and read 78 expresiones en español de la cabeza a los pies.

¡Hasta la próxma!

Image Credit: IELE-Spanish Courses/Pinterest/Google Images

Spanish Affirmative Irregular Tú Commands

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Some  informal commands in Spanish are irregular in the affirmative.  These occur with the pronoun .  These commands are: poner – pon,  decir – di,  hacer – haz,  salir – sal, tener – ten,  venir – ven,  ser – sé,  ir – ve.  Below are some example sentences using each of these eight verbs.

Pon la mesa.  (Set the table.)

Di la verdad.  (Tell the truth.)

Haz la cama.  (Make the bed.)

Sal de aquí.  (Get out of here.)

Ten cuidado.  (Be careful.)

Ven aquí.  (Come here.)

valiente.  (Be brave.)

Ve a la casa.  (Go to the house.)

I have created some review and practice materials using these commands for Teachers Pay Teachers.   Spanish Irregular Informal Tú Commands is a 45 page booklet of worksheets and handouts.  Spanish Affirmative Irregular Tú Commands Challenge Digital Boom Cards is an Internet activity that is available at both Teachers Pay Teachers and Boom Learning.

If you would like to preview these materials, go to Loving Learning Languages at Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Afanoso – My Spanish Word Of The Day 7/22/2017

De los tres hombres que le ayudaban a mi papá en el campo, Oriol era el más afanoso.


My Spanish word of the day is:


1. industrious, hard-working, dedicated, a person who works hard

2. a difficult, hard, arduous type of work


Example Sentences

De los tres hombres que le ayudaban a mi papá en el campo, Oriol era el más afanoso.  (Of the three men who helped my father in the field, Oriol was the most hard-working.)

Limpiar el tanque séptico es una tarea afanoso. (Cleaning the septic tank is hard work.)

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Velvet Season 4 Is Now On Netflix

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As you may already know, my absolutely favorite show on Netflix is Velvet.  Season 4 came to Netflix yesterday, and I have just finished watching Episode 1.  Velvet is the story of a Romeo and Juliet romance between humble seamstress Ana Ribera (Paula Echevarría) and Galerías Velvet chief  Alberto Marquez (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) during the 1950’s and 1960’s.  With Alberto’s assistance, Ana becomes an internationally known fashion designer.

Episode 1 begins with Ana returning to Madrid after a successful European business trip.  She has seen the rise in ready to wear fashion on her travels.  She attempts to convince the current Galerías Velvet major stockholder, Enzo Cafiero (Frank Crudele), that the store needs to move with the times in order to thrive, and ready to wear fashion is the way to achieve that.

I learned a new word to add to my Spanish vocabulary in Episode 1.  It is my Spanish word of the day:


to become stagnant, to come to a standstill, to come to a halt

As an example sentence, I am including part of the dialog from this episode that Ana uses to convince Señor Cafiero that the store needs to change.  Cafiero thinks that the store should cater exclusively to the upper classes with haute couture fashion while Ana thinks that Galerías Velvet will make more money if it were to have both made to measure and and ready to wear departments.

“Las clientas de la alta sociedad van a seguir comprando en Velvet, pero las galerías se estancan y hay un púbilico ahí fuera al que solo podremos llegar si cambiamos nuestro moda de hacer cosas.” (Velvet, Season 4, Episode 1)  (The high society clients will continue to shop at Velvet, but the store has become stagnant and there is a market out there and the only way we can reach it is by changing the way we do things.)

Here is a trailer for Velvet, Season 4.

Velvet, Season 4 was aired in Spain at the end of 2016.  Although it was the final season, the producers have created a spin-off series called Velvet Colección.  I hope it is successful and eventually comes to Netflix because I am so enchanted by the characters in the original story, many of whom will be appearing in the new show.

¡Hasta luego!

Terco/Terca – My Spanish Word Of The Day 3/4/2017

Era terco y se rehusaba a reconocer que estaba equivocado.


My Spanish word of the day is:


stubborn, obstinate, hard-headed

Example Sentences

Era terco y se rehusaba a reconocer que estaba equivocado.  (He was stubborn and refused to admit that he was wrong.)

Es tan terco que se negó a dar la vuelta aunque sabía que estábamos yendo mal.  (He is so stubborn that he refused to turn around even when he knew we were going the wrong way.)

¡Hasta La Próxima!

Image Credit: Mr. Stubborn http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/mrmen/images/a/a5/MrStubborn.gif/revision/latest?cb=20090731162958

El Atasco – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/10/2017

Disculpen que llegue tarde.  Hubo un atasco en la autopista.

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My Spanish word of the day is:

el atasco

traffic jam

Example Sentence: Disculpen que llegue tarde.  Hubo un atasco en la autopista.  (Forgive me for being late.  There was a traffic jam on the freeway.)

El atasco can also mean blockage as well as obstruction and obstacle.

Parece que hay un atasco en el desagüe de la cocina.  (The kitchen drainpipe seems to be blocked.)

El mecánico tuvo que sacar el filtro de aire para quitar el atasco(The mechanic had to take out the air filter in order to clear the obstruction.)

La falta de dinero es un atasco en nuestro proyecto. (Lack of funding is an obstacle to our project.)

I hope you get through your day today without obstacles or blockages of any kind (sin atascos)!

¡Un Saludo y Hasta La Próxima Entrada!

La Nitidez – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/2/2017

¡Hola A Todos!

My Spanish word of the day is:

la nitidez

clarity, sharpness

Example Sentence: La nitidez del agua permitía ver el fondo del mar.

I discovered this word while reading a post at La Página Del Español entitled 22 palabras que terminan en -ez.  This blog post has a fun activity where you can create words ending in -ez, and then match the new words with their definitions.

¡Hasta la próxima!