Acantilado – My Spanish Word Of The Day 7/21/2017

Slieve League son unos de los acantilados más altos de Europa.

¡Buenos días!

My Spanish word of the day is:

el acantilado

cliff, bluff (masculine noun)


steep (adjective)

My Spanish word of the day comes from my reading practice using the travel blog Lo Mejor De Viajar.  On 7/16/2017,  blog author Sandra published an interesting post about her 7 day car trip through Ireland.  During her journey, she visited Los Acantilados de Moher, as well as another famous area of cliffs called Slieve League, some of the tallest cliffs in Europe.  Nuestra Ruta En Coche Por Irlanda at Lo Mejor De Viajar gives many great tips about traveling around Ireland.

¡Hasta luego!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons