Acuciar – My Spanish Word Of The Day 6/15/2017

Sus padres le acuciaba para que buscara trabajo, pero no tenía mucha prisa.

¡Buenos Días!

My Spanish word of the day is:


1. to urge, to goad, to drive,  to press 

2. to hasten, to prod, to urge on, to spur  

3. to be urgent, to be in need

4. to long for, to year for

Example Sentences

Sus padres le acuciaba para que buscara trabajo, pero no tenía mucha prisa. (His parents urged him to find a job, but he wasn’t in much of a hurry.)

El deseo me acuciaba.  (I was driven by desire.)

Dieron la vuelta acuciando las caballerías con látigos y gritos.  (They turned the corner hastening and urging the horses on with whips and shouts.)

Le acucia encontrar un nuevo trabajo.  (He urgently needs to find a new job.)

Acuciar significa desear o apetecer con vehemencia.  (Acuciar means to desire or to fervently long for.)

I learned my Spanish word of the day at Una Palabra al Día which you can find at  Acuciar is their vocabulary word for today.  On Mondays they have words with definitions, Tuesdays are for words with Latin origins, on Wednesdays they present words with 2 or more definitions, Thursdays are for words considered adjectives, and on Fridays they give words that are not considered adjectives.  You can learn so much at their site.

¡Hasta pronto!