La Barriga – My Spanish Word of the Day 8/16/2015

Natalieh wrote a post in her blog, Fit Is A Feminist Issue, called Belly Patrolling.  She describes how she was verbally shamed while standing on a street corner by a man who was about the same age as her son.  He made a sarcastic comment about her stomach.  She was perplexed by this situation.  Her partner pointed out how many people think that  “…women, at all times, must be attractive to all men or suffer the wrath of being patrolled”.  After some thought, Natalieh remembered that she has numerous occasions where she is made to feel attractive and that the comments of this young man were absolutely ridiculous.  She is proud of the fact that her body has served her well.  I am very inspired by Natalieh, so I am making barriga (belly) my Spanish word of the day. ¡Está orgullosa del cuerpo, incluso la barriga!  (She is proud of her body, including her belly.)

Image result for belly
Está orgullosa de la barriga.