Brontofobia – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/31/2018


My Spanish word of the day is:

la brontofobia

brontophobia or fear of thunder and lightning 

The Esfera blog posted an article on August 20, 2015 which lists 10 common phobias and fears experienced by adults.  It is titled Las Fobias Y Miedos Más Comunes En Personas AdultasLa brontofobia is number two on the list and is defined as miedo a los fenóminos atmosféricos adversos, particularmente a los truenos, rayos y tormentas, de todo tipo(Brontophobia is fear of adverse atmospheric phenomena, particularly thunder, lightning, and storms of all kinds.)

If you would like to read more about common fears and phobias, you can go to the Esfera Psicóloga Madrid website and blog.  They have many interesting articles about human psychology.

¡Hasta luego!

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons