Mercadillo Navideño – My Spanish Word Of The Day 12/1/2015

El Mercadillo de Nuremburg

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El mercadillo navideño (Christmas market) is my Spanish word of the day.  Christmas markets are very popular in Europe as places where you can buy Christmas decorations.  They are very beautiful on cold winter nights.  I visited some Christmas markets in Berlin a few years ago and I really enjoyed the decorations, the magical lights, the music, and the mulled wine.

Nacho Viñau Ena has written an article at Decoesfera ( entitled 5 mercadillos navideños para no perderte en el puente de diciembre.  (5 Christmas Markets Not To Be Missed During The December Holiday Weekend)

This Spanish article gives a short description (along with beautiful photos) of these mercadillos navideños: Nurembrug, Prague, Strasbourg, Cologne, and Vienna.

The title of this article is interesting to me because I have just learned the phrase perderte en el puente de diciembre.  Perder is used to mean to miss.  Puente can be used to refer to a long weekend or a holiday weekend.  I’m not 100% sure about this, but perhaps the holiday weekend is a reference to Constitution Day, December 7, which is a national holiday in Spain.

If you are new to Spanish, you might enjoy learning the Spanish names of the 5 cities mentioned in the article.  They are: Nuremburg, Praga, Estrasburgo, Colonia, and Viena.

You might enjoy the 5 photos that accompany this article.  Click Here to go to the article and photos.

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