Lentejuelas and Tartán – My Spanish Words of the Day 8/6/2015

The lovely Sacramento Amate, editor of the fashion and style blog Mis Papelicos, wears a sequined skirt and a plaid shirt. ¡Sacramento lleva una falda de lentejuelas y una camisa tartán!

I was inspired to use lentejuelas (sequins) and tartán (plaid) as my words of the day by Sacramento Amate at Mis Papelicos.  I discovered this personal style fashion blog about a month ago and I have been reading it every day.  She is an English and Spanish teacher with a bold, eccentric, unique style.  She writes her blog posts in both English and Spanish.  I think that this site is a great place to practice reading Spanish.  The posts are short, in a specific context, and include visuals.  For me, it is a stress-free place to pick up a little Spanish vocabulary and grammar, as well as fashion advice.

Sacramento’s August 5, 2015 post is called Silk/Tartan Plaid Shirt and Sequin Skirt for Summer.   I just love how she has combined a multicolored sequined skirt with a plaid print shirt.  Personally, I have not been successful mixing patterns yet.  I tend to be way too matchy-matchy.  But I am working on it.  In order to mix patterns, Katya Bychkova at Style Sprinter advises playing within one color palette and using similar patterns in different shapes.  In the above photo, I cannot see that Sacramento has done that.  She has fearlessly mixed her falda de lentejuelas (sequined skirt) with her camisa tartán (plaid shirt).

I found a YouTube video that celebrates matching sequins with different patterns.  It is from Dress Code at Uno TV Bites and is called Lentejuelas para toda ocasión (Sequins for Every Occasion).  It is embedded below.  In this 4:43 minute video, Chantal Torres models 4 different looks:

Look uno (1) shows animal print sequined leggings and a black shirt and jacket

Look dos (2) combines a grey sequined skirt with a studded top

Look tres (3) is a sequined jacket matched with a graphic tee – a pink pig wearing earrings

Look cuatro (4) is sequined dress with pink wedges.

Chantal is a fluent Spanish speaker who talks very fast.  If you are new to Spanish, don’t get nervous!  Just watch the video and see if you can hear when she says lentejuelas.  Just for fun, you can watch the video a second time and count how many times you hear her pronounce  lentejuelas.

Now, let me go back to plaids for a moment.  There is more than one way to say plaid shirt in Spanish.  Besides camisa tartán, you can also say  camisa de cuadro.  Here is a 1:28 minute video about how to combine plaids called Como combinar camisas de cuadro mujer.  Lucia Gimena does not speak in this video.  But the Spanish words for pants, jeans, shorts, and skirt appear in printed form.  If you are a novice Spanish student, you might want watch the video more than once, try to spot these words in Spanish, and write them down.

Well, I have really enjoyed sharing my Spanish Words of the Day with you.  I would like to thank Sacramento Amate for allowing me to share her photo with you.