Echar- To Throw In And To Throw Out

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The verb echar has so many different meanings.  Interestingly, it is used to express both to throw in and to throw out.

Example Sentences

Esta comida ya está caducada.  Échala en la basura.  (This food is spoiled.  Throw it in the garbage.)

Lo echaron del bar por no pagar su cuenta.  (They threw him out of the bar because he could not pay his bill.)

The Spanish learning YouTube channel Mextalki DE offers a funny video about some different meanings of echar, as well as some idiomatic expressions.  It is called Learn Spanish by Listening: (Beginner) Verbs and Special Meanings (E) Subs esp/eng.

Here are a few expressions with echar that I learned in this video.

echar de ganasto put in a good effort – Si le echas de ganas, estoy seguro que vas a pasar.  (If you put in a good effort (at studying), I am sure that you will pass (the test).

echar a perderto spoil something – ¿Le contaste?  Lo echaste a perder.  You told her (about the party).  You spoiled it (the surprise).

echar la culpato blame – A mí no me echas la culpa.  (Don’t blame me.)

The folks in this video have a nice sense of humor and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Dimebarcelona Spanish School has tweeted a Prezi presentation entitled El verbo Echar by Laura Múrtula.  The presentation gives 7 different uses of the verb echar.

  1. echar una cosa – to add in or to pour
  2. echar de menos a alguien/algo – to miss someone/something
  3. echarse a un lado – to move over
  4. echar una película/un programa – to show a film or TV show
  5. echarse – to lie down
  6. echar a alguien de un sitio – to oust
  7. echar a peder – to mess up

Each of the usages of echar is presented with an example.  I hope you find this Prezi helpful.  Click Here or view below.

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