Empacharse – My Spanish Word Of The Day 8/26/2016


to  gorge oneself; to stuff yourself 

No  te empaches de helados que te enfermarás.

Empacharse also means to get fed up, to get bored, to get annoyed.

Me empacha tanto música tecno.( I get fed up with all this tecno music.  I get bored with all this tecno music.  I get annoyed with all this tecno music.)

Synonyms: aburrirse (to get bored), llenarse (to fill up), cansarse (to get tired), hatarse (to get fed up), apiparse (to stuff oneself), ahitarse (to stuff oneself), atracarse (to gorge oneself), atiborrarse (to gorge oneself), inflarse (to inflate), molestarse (to get annoyed)