Engancharse – My Spanish Word of the Day 10/11/2015

Seis Hermanas – Spanish Television Series On RTVE.

Engancharse is my Spanish word of the day because I am absolutely hooked on the Spanish television series Seis Hermanas.  I watch the show online at RTVE.  The home page for the series has a slide show entitled, ¿Por Qué Nos Hemos Enganchado A La Serie?  Why are we hooked on Seis Hermanas?  The slide show presents details about the characters in the story.  Six sisters, who live in Madrid in 1913, are defying the cultural norms to create their lives on their own terms as well as to save their father’s failing textile business.  I love how the women bravely confront the obstacles put before them by 1913 society.  I am also charmed by the romantic aspects of the time period.  So far, 120 episodes are available.  I am up to number 59.  I am just loving this show!