Eslogan – My Other Spanish Word of the Day 8/4/2015

Eslogan is one of my Spanish words for today.  Literally, it means slogan in English.  But it is also used for the Spanish version of the word tagline.

Before today I did not know the Spanish word for tagline.  I looked on the Internet to try and find instructions in Spanish about how to create a WordPress blog.  Spanish speakers go to to set up their blogs.

I found a neat site in my search called Community Foundation International.  They have an article in Spanish about how to set up a WordPress account in 7 steps.  This site provides free Internet classes and information on Technology, English for Spanish Speakers, Mathematics, and Daily Life.  Of course, English for Spanish Speakers is my favorite part of the site.

I am taking the Blogging 101 class at WordPress and one of our assignments is to create a tagline.  This is what I have come up with:  Spanish. Loving It, Learning It My Way, Sharing It With You.

One of my favorite blogs is Mimi G Style.  It is a fashion and sewing blog.  Her tagline is: Buy It, Make It, Mix It, Rock It.  It is succinct and to the point.  I can’t think of how to make my tagline more succinct.  I want to emphasize the unique way in which I am maintaining and improving my Spanish.  I also want to highlight that I am sharing what I am learning with others and that I hope it will be helpful to them.  Mimi G capitalizes all of the words in her tagline.  I’m not sure if that is proper, but I like it, so I capitalized mine.

Thank-You to everyone who visited and like my previous Blogging 101 post.  I look forward to reading your blogs and sharing what we’ve learned.