Caer/Caerse De Bruces

La chica se tropezó y cayó de bruces en el suelo.

Caer de bruces or Caerse de bruces means to fall flat on one’s face.  Caer is a verb that means to fall.  De bruces is an adverbial expression meaning face down.  Another way to say this is boca abajo.

Here are some example sentences.

El niño quiso caminar hasta la madre, pero cayó de bruces.  (The toddler tried to walk to his mother, but he fell flat on his face.)

Emilio tropezó con el escalón y cayó de bruces. (Emilio tripped on the stair and fell flat on his face.)

Si tomo otra copa, voy a caeré de bruces contra el suelo.  (If I have another drink, I will fall  flat on my face on the floor.)

Some other expressions that contain de bruces are: darse de bruces and estar de bruces.

Darse de bruces can mean to  fall face down, but it is also used to signify coming face to face with someone/something or running/bumping in to someone.

Me di de bruces con Ana en la calle. (I bumped into Ana on the street.)

Carmen se dio de bruces con la realidad. (Carmen came face to face with reality.)

Here is a funny play on words using darse de bruces.

El hombre se da con un muro de Bruces.

Estar de bruces means to lay face down or to lay on your stomach.

No puedes estar todo el día de bruces en la cama: ¡Animo! (You can’t lay in bed all day hiding  your face.  Cheer up!

El hombre está de bruces en la cama.

Speaking of sleeping face down, here is a Slide Share presentation by Icarroscol about what your favorite sleeping position reveals about your personality.  It is called ¿Sabías que tú manera de dormir revela cosas sobre ti?

Image credits:

caer de bruces – Sandro Giordano “In Extremis” cuerpos sin pesar

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