Estrenar – My Spanish Word of the Day 9/5/2015

I love to discover Spanish words that do not have an English translation.  The Huffington Post Tumblr Blog presents Spanish words that have no English translation.  The first is estrenar which means to wear or use for the first time.  There is no single English word to say wear for the first time.

Fashionistas like myself love to watch Queen Letizia of Spain.  A photo and article from  shows the queen wearing a dress by Hugo Boss for the first time.  She is attending a function at the Prado Museum.

             Doña Letizia estrena un vestido de Hugo Boss al Museo de Prado.

Estrenar is a verb used to express wearing something or doing something for the first time.  When a theater company performs a new play you can say  La compañía de teatro estrena una nueva obra.

Estrenar does not have a single word English equivalent.  But the noun estreno does.  Estreno means premiere.

Estreno is used to talk about movie premieres.  The website Estrenos de Cine shows all of the latest film premieres.  September 4, 2015 is the date of the premiere of the film 5 Flights Up.   El 4 de septiembre de 2015 es la fecha del estreno de la película Ático sin acensor(Interestingly, the Spanish title for the Diane Keaton/Morgan Freeman film 5 Flights Up is literally attic without an elevator).

To learn more Spanish words without English equivalents, go to The Huffington Post Tumblr Blog.  Click here.