Indefectiblemente-My Spanish Word Of The Day 3/28/2016

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Pablo Neruda

¡Buenos Días!

I discovered my Spanish word of the day, indefectiblemente, at the Fluent U Blog; the title of the blog post is 6 Pithy Quotes From Spanish-Language Writers.

Indefectiblemente means inevitably or without fail, unfailingly.  It is a part of this quote by the Chilean poet-diplomat and Nobel Prize winner, Pablo Neruda: “Algún día en cualquier parte, en cualquier lugar indefectiblemente te encontrarás a ti mismo, y ésa, sóla ésa, puede ser la más feliz o la más amarga de tus horas.”

The Fluent U translation is: “Someday, somewhere, in some place you will inevitably run into your own self, and that, only that, can be the happiest or bitterest of your moments.”

Since this quote is about finding your true self, Fluent U’s article concentrates on the word encontrarto find.  But, the word that jumped out for me is indefectiblemente as it is a new word for me.  If you would like to know more about the word encontrar, click here to go to the Fluent U blog.

Below are a few sample sentences using indefectiblemente.

Siempre que se va de viaje, yo me quedo triste indefectiblemente. (Every time he goes on a trip, I am inevitably sad.)

Igual de tu madre, eres indefectiblemente afable.  (Just like your mother, you are unfailingly kind.)

Cuando vamos al campo, indefectiblemente llueve. (When we go to the countryside, it inevitably rains.)

¡Hasta Pronto!

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