Andariego – My Spanish Word Of The Day 9/11/2016

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Katy Jacoby at The Bogotá Post has put out a list of her favorite Colombian Spanish words.  My absolute favorite from her list is andariego/andariega, which can be used as an adjective to mean full of wanderlust, footloose; or it can be used as a noun to mean one who is fond of traveling, wanderer, rambler, rover.  You can read Katy’s list here or at The Bogotá Post.

¡Nos Vemos!

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Estar Más De Malas Que Piraña Mueca

Katy Jacoby at The Bogotá Press has published an article about Colombian phrases involving animals.  It is called  All Happening At The Language Zoo.  My favorite phrase from Katy’s list is: estar más de malas que piraña mueca.  This means to be unluckier than a toothless piraña.  If you would like to read this article to discover other Colombian sayings, please Click Here.

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La Alcancía – My Spanish Word of the Day 9/3/2015

Alcancía (piggy bank) or (money box) is my Spanish word for today.  Katy Jacoby at the Bogotá Post has written an article which gives you all the Spanish words and phrases you need to know to open a bank account.  Click here to read the article.  It is entitled Language Bank.

                                                    la alcancía