Tiquismiquis – My Spanish Word Of The Day 1/12/2017

Es muy tiquismiquis con la comida.

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My Spanish word of the day is:


fusspot, stickler, picky, finiky, nitpicky

Example Sentence: Es muy tiquismiquis con la comida.  (He’s picky  when it comes to food.  He’s a picky eater.)

I learned the word tiquismiquis at SpanishPodcast.net.  They provide very enjoyable listening activities in podcast form.  Occasionally, they present information about Spanish vocabulary in video form.  If you would like to watch a video and learn more about the word tiquismiquis, click here.

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Tener La Mosca Detrás De La Oreja

File:Dead Fly - Stacked Focus (3846374999).jpg
The saying “tener la mosca detrás de la oreja” means to be suspicious of someone or something, and it can also mean “to smell a rat”.

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Gustavo Balcazar has published an interesting presentation on SlideShare about expessions and sayings that involve animals.  My absolute favorite is Tener la mosca detrás de la oreja.  It is used when you have an instinct or an intuition that something is going to occur, that is to say, that you use this saying to express that you suspect that something is going to happen.  If you expect that something negative is going to happen, you can use this saying to say that you smell a rat.

To view Vocabulario de animales – expesiones y dichos by Gustavo Balcazar at SlideShare, Click Here.

Also, Spanish Podcast.net has an entire podcast devoted to this expresion:

Episodio 123Tener La Mosca Detrás De La Oreja.  To listen, Click Here.

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