Escanciar – My Spanish Word Of The Day 8/11/2016


to pour, to pour out

Definición RAE: Echar or servir una bebida, especialmente vino, sidra u otro licor

Definición Word Reference: Echar o servir la bebida, particularmente echar la sidra en el vaso desde la altura considerable para al caer se produczca espuma

Un camarero escancia una botella de sidra.


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Abrir La Boca – My Spanish Word Of The Day 4/1/2016

¡Buenas Días!

Today I encountered the phrase abrir la boca.  You may simply think of this as meaning to open your mouth. But, did you know that abrir la boca can also mean to talk about?

I read a short article about the Seville Fair at Practica Español.  Here is the title: 13 Palabras Para Abrir La Boca En La Feria De Sevilla.   I was a little confused about the meaning of this title, but thanks to gengo at Word Reference, I now understand it to mean: 13 Words For Talking About The Seville Fair.  The article is simply a list of vocabulary words related to the fair.

La Feria De Sevilla will take place between April 12 and April 17 this year.  Large tent like pavillions called casetas will be set up in the Los Remedios neighborhood of Seville, where people will party, party, party.  There will be music, and party goers will dance the sevlliana.  There will be food and drink, including pescaito frito and a jug of rebujito, which is dry sherry mixed with lemonade.  There is also an amusement park on a street called Calle Infierno.  And people will be dressed in trajes de flamenca or Flamenco suits and dresses.

Here are 13 words for talking about (para abrir la boca en) the Seville Fair from Practica Españolalbero – limestone yellowish sand;  caseta – fair stand, tent;  englalanada – decorated;  farolillos – lanterns;  feria – fair;  fuegos artificiales – fireworks;  lunes de alumbrao – lightening Monday;  pescaito frito – fried little fish;  portada – main gate; rebujito – typical drink of manzanilla and lemonade;  recinto ferial – fairgrounds;  toreros – bullfighters;  traje de flamenca -Flamenco outfit

¡Hasta Luego!

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Pista – My Spanish Word of the Day 7/13/2015

Tras la Pista de Paula – An Elle Magazine Blog

I discovered my Spanish word of the day – pista –  in the title of the blog of Spanish actress Paula Echevarría.  I knew from my previous studies of Spanish that pista had several meanings: trail, hint, clue, path, track.  But when I encountered the phrase Tras la pista de Paula, I did not understand the meaning.  I thought that perhaps it might mean Keeping Up with Paula, Crossing Paths with Paula, or Following Paula.  I asked for the meaning of this phrase in the Word Reference Vocabulary Forums and received 2 great answers.  Word Reference member mnguirii from the USA suggested Behind the Scenes with Paula.  Another member, Ferrol, from Bilbao, is of the opinion that it means Keeping Track of Paula.  I suppose it might also mean Keeping Up with Paula.

Whatever this phrase may mean in English, I just love Paula’s Blog.  It is a fashion blog hosted by Elle Magazine and I find it a lot of fun to read.  In today’s blog entry Paula is pictured in a comfortable and cool summer dress and boots.  The dress is by Holly Preppy at Fetiche Suances (lots of boho chic fashion choices at this online store!).  She also stresses that there are such things as summer boots.  I, myself, live in a very hot and humid climate and I never thought about botas de verano before.  I am now inspired to look around for some comfortable boots for summer!

Paula Echevarría wears a Holly Preppy dress from Fetiche Suances.

I have just recently learned about Paula Echevarría.  I discovered her on Netflix as she is one the stars of the Spanish television show Velvet.  I was enchanted by the show and looked up the bios of the actors on the Internet.  Thus I came across Paula’s blog.  I love her fashion choices.  I also love the name of her blog and I am happy to have learned a new Spanish phrase – Tras la pista de Paula.

Velvet (2013) Poster